Lessor's Risk Insurance

When you’re a property owner you face many risks to your investment. If you rent or lease commercial space to a business, those risks can multiply even further. That’s why landlords who lease their commercial buildings can benefit from a special form of landlord insurance known as lessor’s risk insurance.

What Does Lessor’s Risk Insurance Cover?

Lessor’s risk policies are designed to provide property and liability protection for building owners who rent out their properties to other business owners, including:

  • Offices
  • Warehouses
  • Retail Stores

To put it simply, a lessor’s risk policy protects you and your investment from people who may sustain injuries or damages by using or interacting with your property. It protects you from your tenant’s:

Property Loss or Bodily Injury

If your tenant is injured from slipping in a poorly lit stairwell, Lessor’s Risk may help pay the medical bills.

Employees' Property Loss or Bodily Injury

If your tenant’s employee falls down a staircase with a missing handrail, Lessor’s Risk may help address their doctor bills or your legal fees.

Customers' Property Loss or Bodily Injury

Let’s say one of your tenant’s customers slips on a patch of ice right outside the front door, and drops the laptop computer they were bringing in for repairs. The computer is broken and the customer is injured. Lessor’s Risk may cover the cost of replacing the damaged property and their doctor’s bills.

To find out if lessor’s rights insurance is the right solution to protect your investment property, contact us for a quote and more information.

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